The Deputy Bank Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) Monetary Stability, Dr. Ibrahim Stevens, says the machinery is all in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new national currency but cautioned that there’s nothing that is totally perfect.

“We have put the machinery in place. All the committees have done their work to great satisfaction. We have done everything humanly possible… In short, we are ready to rollout the new Leone!” Dr. Stevens (pictured) today reported to members of the Advisory Committee on the redenomination of the Leone, our inside sources say.

The BSL will officially launch the new currency on July 1, 2022.
There was a Bank Holiday on Thursday, the preceding day.

All commercial banks were closed to the public for the day but worked behind the scenes.

The banks will resume at 11am today Friday, 1st July following the official launch of the new Leone.