Dr. Sylvia Blyden who was behind the convoy of First Lady Fatima Bio on its way from Kono to Freetown involved in an accident has debunked rumours of alleged shooting by the public.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden has said that rumours making rounds indicate that the lorry driver who hit the car that contains some of the security officers involved in the accident and his conductor were shot by some security officers of the First Lady is fake.

She stated that before she posted information about the accident, she had talked directly to both the driver and his conductor at the Lunsar hospital before she left for Freetown.

Blyden said the driver and others were brought in by police and both of them confirmed they know her when they were speaking to her.

She continue that both the driver and his conductor were in police custody and also receiving medical treatments in his presence and are conscious.

“It is totally untrue to say that the driver or conductor was shot by the First Lady security let alone that they were killed”.

“It is very pathetic to see the kinds of lies that are being spread even as our security officers are fighting for their lives right now. This is EVIL personified. Our security officers don’t deserve this. They don’t deserve this. They were hurt in the line of duty. They need our prayers as a Nation. (Clonazepam) If you cannot pray for them, please don’t mock them.โ€