A 14-year-old girl was reportedly killed on Thursday in a gruesome road accident in the city center of Sierra Leone’s second capital after a tipper truck tumbled over, eyewitnesses say.

The accident at Bo clock tower which an eyewitness described as likely the most gruesome to have occurred in the city this year left three other people seriously injured.

According to Ansumana Moseray, the district’s Bike Riders Union Public Relations Officer, who witnessed the incident said the truck driver was reckless driving in and excessive speeding which caused the accident.

“Right from Prince Williams street, the driver was in full speed. As he approached the clock cower with speed, he was unable to take the curve to head to Tikonko road, when the truck lost control and tumbles over,” Mosereay said.

He said the 14-year-old girl was killed while coming from the market and
He says was with two other children who weren’t hurt in the accident because they’d already crossed part of the roadway leading to their house when the accident occurred.

“The deceased was still waiting at the other side of the road, on top of a culvert, waiting for traffic to be cleared; so that she can cross and join her companions when the tipper lost control and killed her on the spot,” Moseray said.

The three people who were injured, he added, were the truck driver, a commercial motorbike rider, and his passenger.

Sierra Leone Police Southern Region Deputy Police Media and PRO Constable Alhaji Usman Mansaray, says police were informed of the accident around 3 p.m. local time on Thursday.

“Before police reached the scene, the victims and the driver, who was also injured, had already been taken to the Bo Government Hospital for treatment, while the deceased was already at the mortuary”, Mansaray said.

Mansaray revealed that initial police investigations showed the truck driver was at fault by driving recklessly and exceeding the speed limit.

The police media officer further stated that police will criminally investigate the driver for motor vehicular manslaughter and other traffic offenses.

Meanwhile, Rev. Samuel Massaquoi, an uncle to the deceased said the family has no intentions of pursuing legal action against the truck driver for the death of their family member. Massaquoi says they believe who God gave them the 14-year-old girl has also taken her back.

Bo City Tipper Drivers’ Union Chairman Sallieu Bah cautioned tipper drivers to be very careful in executing their duties; to minimize road accidents that are connected with their driving.