🎵🎵If you get the Ashobi go down low, go down go down low🎵🎵

Life of a Baller Clothing and Accessories Limited has signed a One year Partnership Deal with the Shukubly incorporate.

The Former Reality Tv Star and CEO of The Life of a Baller Clothing and Accessories Limited expressed his appreciation to the Shukubly Inc for trusting his clothing line and for the opportunity to showcase his design. He is grateful for the Partnership and assures the public of the Accessibility and Quality of the Ashobi Wears.

Popular Sierra Leonean Artiste, Ben 10 over 10 AkA Drizilik who is the Star and Icon of Shukubly Inc states that his Creativity is Limitless and he is always thinking outside the Box, hence the reason for the Ashobi Wears.

His reasons for partnering with The Life of a Baller Clothing and Accessories is because he is inspired by their Journey and he was impressed by how Mohamed Alie Jalloh AkA Maka Dunka portrayed the Shukubly Inc during his stay at the Housemates Salone Show. His goal as a Young Artiste and Entrepreneur is to support Young Sierra Leoneans like himself.

Drizilik states that the Ashobi Clothing signifies Unity irrespective of our tribal religious and cultural differences.

He is asking all Sierra Leoneans to continue supporting him and remember that we are all “Inside the Shukubly”.