The Resident Coordinator for the United Nations in Sierra Leone, Dr. Babatunde Ahonsi has expresses concerns over the intake of narcotic drugs, locally known as ‘Kush’ by young people in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Babatunde A. Ahonsi- said that drug abuse is on the increase among young people in Sierra Leone, noting that is causing negative impact on the development of the country.

He then called on the Political Youth Leaders to maintain the recognition of young people as a positive force in preventing and resolving conflicts and building sustainable peace, which may cause and has a tendency to gain significant momentum across different sectors.

He stressed that, the leadership concept as young political leaders will strengthen and maintain the ability of youths to collaboratively lead peace efforts and to use their skills to successfully handle other concerns that affect their lives, particularly in these challenging times in Sierra Leone and the world at large.

These challenges, according to Dr. Ahonsi can be powerful sources of social tensions and violence that may have the tendency to threaten the social contract, weakening social cohesion and people’s trust in government, its institutions as well as in each other.

He highlighted the critical roles played and to be played by young people in the present and future of democracy in Sierra Leone.

’Engaging young people in democratic processes and allowing them to participate, safely and constructively, in politics are core aspects of any effort to sustain democracy’,” he stated.