Ozonbay Chower a suspected drug trafficker has lost his life after swallowing a significant quantity of illicit drugs during a police operation in the nation’s capital, Freetown.

This came by in an effort to intensify the crackdown on drug trafficking and substance abuse nationwide by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP)

In his statement, Francis Brima Meinday, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Regional Commander for Freetown East, revealed that on the morning of Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, the Harbour Division unit intercepted and apprehended a suspect identified as Ozonbay Chower who is a foreign national residing at 54 Effort Lane, Lower Savage Square in Freetown.

He was found in possession of a substantial quantity of illegal substances, including a hundred wraps of Kush, twenty-five wraps of marijuana, and a sachet of suspected Kush.

However, upon his arrest, Chower resorted to a desperate attempt to evade prosecution by ingesting the entire stash of Kush in a rapid manner and the action prompted the law enforcement officers to rush him to Kingtom Hospital for urgent medical attention, where he gave up the ghost.