The Director of the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI), Abdul Malik Tejan-Sie recently participated in a collaborative effort with partners from the World Bank’s PROBLUE project.

The engagement focused on discussing the Sierra Leone government’s role in tackling single-use plastic use and promoting sustainable and innovative solutions within the country.

PROBLUE is an umbrella multi-donor trust fund, administered by the World Bank, that supports the sustainable and integrated development of marine and coastal resources in a healthy ocean.

The DSTI, aiming to transform Sierra Leone into a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, played a key role in the discussions. The event culminated in a well-received pitch competition, where eight startups showcased their innovative solutions for reducing, recovering, and recycling plastic waste in Sierra Leone, competing for grants to support their endeavors.

The DSTI expressed their gratitude to the Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project, which actively supports the country’s economic transformation, for their continuous support and assistance.