It is a straight fact that anytime there is a serious compensation issue which should be prompt in order to make the compensation effective and meaningful; that is the time the government or whosoever or whatever that is responsible for doling out the compensation begins to drag feet until the beneficiaries forget or die.

Just yesterday it was a group calling itself Wounded In Action (WIA) that were seen agitating outside State Lodge with placards and banners in an effort to draw the attention of President Koroma to their plight; but more of this another time.

Coming back to what I was saying, it is hoped that the $5,000 compensation the government had promised to pay to families of the two hundred and twenty-one health workers who lost their lives during the Ebola outbreak would not take the same route as compensation payments to redundant seafarers, SALPOST workers and other groups of unfortunate people.

The $5,000 bulk compensation is said to be a government policy, so it is not understood why after all these months, the government is seemingly reneging on what it had earlier promised.

In simpler words, President Koroma had promised to compensate the sum of $5,000 (five thousand US Dollars) each family that lost a medical personnel in the course of the evil Ebola.

Statistics now show that the number of medical workers who lost their lives to Ebola is 221; multiply this by $5,000 and we would arrive at a colossal figure.

But straightly speaking, it is not president Koroma that is delaying this compensation package to the bereaved families.

I want to suspect that someone somewhere in a high place within the government machinery could be squatting his or her haunches on this money and playing the waiting game; in other words waiting for people to forget or waiting for the beneficiaries to die one after the other and then there would be no one to lay claim to the whopping compensation which should have been paid to families of those medical workers who died at the Ebola frontline.

President Koroma had better re-announce this $5,000 compensation package to families of deceased medical workers or else some people are bent on ensuring it finds its way into their pot bellies.

Straightly speaking, the government must act NOW!