The ECOWAS Volunteers Programme in Sierra Leone, led by Country Coordinator Preaches Gbessagee and Administrative Officer Mohamed Jalloh, visited the Mahanaim Disabled Orphanage Home in Grafton In celebration of the 49th anniversary of ECOWAS Day.

The visit aimed to distribute food items and essential supplies to the children, demonstrating support and compassion for marginalized groups as was revealed days ago as their plans and activities for this year’s celebration.

The country coordinator emphasized the importance of addressing the basic needs of the orphanage through the provision of food and clean water as they ensured that the children have access to fundamental necessities and that their goal is to improve their physical health and general well-being through wholesome meals and clean drinking water for the benefit of all.

He also highlighted the significance of building relationships with the children as a Frequent visits from volunteers foster deep ties with the residents, offering companionship and emotional support as it’s crucial to spread awareness about the challenges faced by orphanages and the importance of helping at-risk local individuals.

Mary Rose Mariama Mboyawa, Director of Mahanaim Disabled Orphanage, thanked and appreciated the team for the jod well done as well as maintaining that they are deeply thankful to the ECOWAS volunteers for their support and that the items will significantly address the children’s needs and will serve them for a long time. She also called on other goodwill organizations to follow ECOWAS’s example and support such homes.

The ECOWAS volunteers extended their support to orphanages in Bombali, Kenema, Moyamba, and Bo Districts. Volunteers in these districts visited local orphanages, providing items such as rice, diapers, noodles, clothing, slippers, face caps, wristwatches, earrings, hair bands, sanitary pads, vests, beans, garri, spaghetti, rechargeable flashlights, yams, salt, and tomatoes.

This initiative by the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme exemplifies their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of marginalized children and promoting a culture of compassion and support throughout Sierra Leone.