In an official notice issued today by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), they provided an update on the payment process for ad-hoc polling personnel who served during the elections on June 24, 2023.

The notice indicates that Rokel Commercial Bank (RC Bank) has issued 48,229 e-vouchers to ad-hoc polling staff for payment claims. Of these, 33,494 ad-hoc personnel have successfully claimed their payments. However, a significant number of beneficiaries, totaling 14,698, have yet to claim their payments.

To accommodate those who have not yet collected their payments, RC Bank is extending the deadline until March 31, 2024. Claimants are urged to visit any branch of RC Bank with their phone, the SMS containing the individual SIM Kopor e-voucher code, and a valid government-issued ID (such as a national identity card, voter ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.) used during the verification process.

The notice concludes by expressing gratitude to all ad-hoc polling personnel for their service, cooperation, and patience throughout the payment process. The ECSL emphasizes the importance of prompt action to ensure that all deserving individuals receive their payments before the extended deadline.