The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has issued a statement expressing concern over the reported incidents of attacks on their polling staff across the country.

In the statement, the ECSL highlights that these attacks on polling staff have occurred as they carry out their duties in accordance with the laws and procedures governing the movement of materials.

The commission emphasizes the unfortunate nature of these incidents and appeals to the general public to exercise patience, maintain peace, and abide by the law.

The ECSL stresses the importance of providing polling staff with the freedom to fulfill their duties and responsibilities without any hindrance or threat.

They earnestly solicit the cooperation of all individuals involved in the electoral process to ensure a smooth and successful election.

Read full statement below:

“The attention of the commission has been drawn to attacks on Polling Staff by members of the public in certain areas of the country as they attempt to move the materials.

“This an unfortunate situation because the movement of these materials is being done within the laws and procedures.

“The commission wants to appeal to the general public to be patient, peaceful, and law-abiding.

“The polling staff must be accorded the freedom to carry out their duties and responsibilities without hindrance.ย 

“The cooperation of all is highly solicited. “