The Electoral Commission of sierra Leone has on 20th April 2023 announced that it has published and gazetted an electoral timeline for the conduct of Nomination of Candidates for Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Council elections in Sierra Leone.

As per the Public Notice issued, during the District Political Parties Liaison Committee (DPPLC) meeting held on April 17th, 2023, the Commission worked together with political parties to assign specific days for them and their candidates to complete the Local Council Nominations procedure.

the Commission on 14th April 2023, conducted two (2) sets of training for potential candidates for Local Council Nomination at the district level and National Executive officials and their ICT staff on how to use the online application for the submission of Political Parties List of Endorsed Candidates as provided by law and how to nominate their candidates using the application respectively.

However, since the start of the Local Council Nomination on 19th April 2023, the Commission has observed that political parties and candidates are requesting for rescheduling of dates within the Local Council Nomination period.

Political Parties and their candidates are reminded that the process of nominating candidates for the Local Council Elections is from 19th-28th April 2023, from 9am-4pm daily, at the district level, and 30th April-9th May 2023 from 9am-4pm daily for the Nomination of candidates for Members of Parliament and President at the district level and ECSL National Headquarters respectively”

The Commission further cautioned political parties and candidates that it is concerned about the level of rescheduling of dates and will not extend the period of Local Council Nomination as this has the tendency to affect the entire timeline for the elections including procurement process of printing of ballot papers.  ECSL also encourages political parties and candidates to use the online application to nominate their candidates.