The Government of Sierra Leone has responded to corruption allegations which led a Korean investor to commit suicide.

Kim Sung Nylon committed suicide over the weekend due to what he referred to as being frustrated by the government through the Fisheries Ministry.

The government in a press release on Wednesday said it will conduct a full investigation on the said issue and the circumstance around the unfortunate event.

It’s reads as follow


The government’s attention has been drawn to published allegations of unfairness, injustice, and corruption among the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources officials in the wake of the sad demise of a Republic of Korea national Kim Sung Nylon who was resident in Sierra Leone.

We express heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and the friendly government and people of the Republic of Korea. A comprehensive administrative inquiry will fully investigate all the issues and circumstances around this unfortunate event.

The government has identified the Fisheries and Marine Resources sector as critical for economic diversification, food security, and international trade and investment. The government, therefore, remains fully committed to providing an open, fair, and transparent investment ecosystem through enhanced governance of the sector.

The government is also committed to stemming annual revenue losses from illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing by interdicting tax evasion and clamping down on underreporting of catch and overfishing government will continue to develop and expand the sector through transparent and sustainable management and governance policies and practices.