The All People’s Congress (APC) has formally requested clarification from the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) regarding the 2023 presidential election results.

In a letter addressed to ECSL Chairman Mr. Mohamed Kenewui Konneh, the APC expressed concerns over statistical inconsistencies and discrepancies in the results announced on June 26, 2023.

The APC’s letter, dated June 10, 2024, detailed specific issues, including instances where the average valid votes per polling station exceeded the 300 voter threshold in eight districts. The party referenced Section 84(1) of the Public Elections Act of 2022, which mandates that results from polling stations with votes exceeding the number of registered voters should be declared null and void. The APC demanded the nullification of results from the affected districts and the conduct of fresh elections.

Additionally, the APC noted that the ECSL had recorded an unusually low percentage of invalid votes at 0.39%, which deviates significantly from historical trends. The party highlighted discrepancies between the partial results announced on June 26, 2023, and the final results, raising concerns over the integrity of the electoral process.

In response, the ECSL acknowledged receipt of the APC’s letter in a communication dated June 12, 2024. The ECSL’s letter, signed by the Executive Secretary, referred the APC to previous correspondences and a five-hour face-to-face meeting held with the Cross-Party Committee on May 28, 2024. The ECSL reiterated that the APC’s letter was non-compliant with the administrative procedures outlined in the Terms of Reference of the Cross-Party Committee on Electoral Systems and Management Bodies Review.

The ECSL’s response emphasized that the issues raised had been addressed in earlier discussions and documented communications. Copies of the ECSL’s letter were sent to various stakeholders, including the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Chairpersons of the Cross-Party Committee, all diplomatic missions, the APC National Secretary General, the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion, and the Inter Religious Council.

The APC’s demand for clarification and the ECSL’s response highlight ongoing tensions and the need for transparency and accountability in Sierra Leone’s electoral process. The resolution of these concerns is critical to maintaining public trust and ensuring the credibility of future elections in the country.