The Managing Editor of Nightwatch newspaper had just retired to his seat after delivering a tribute to the late Ralph when a guy in a blue shirt entered the church hall and asked that he had audience with him outside

The unsuspecting Editor rose from his seat and followed the young man outside.

Whilst I was still inside the church following the service came ‘Ragan’ a journalist working for Nightwatch newspaper who intimidated me that a group of Njala University Academic Staff Association members are beating the hell out of his boss some 200 metres from where the service was being held. I rushed to the scene and met SLAJ scribe Alhaji Manika who confirmed the assault and said it all happened in his presence.

Emanuel on enquiry told me that a certain Ayuba Koroma whom he later came to know as Ag PRO for Njala fetch him from the church with the impression that some of his admirers wanted to have audience with him outside the church vicinity following his tribute,without any suspicion he said he followed him to a scene where men in official coats were waiting.

On arrival Emanuel explained that the men accused him of using the word “dorty” against the university in his tribute and that they were going to teach him bad lessons for the bad verses that were contained in his tribute and without wasting time he noted that they fell on him like a ton of bricks.

SLAJ Scribe corroborated Emmanuel’s claims and even said to me that the worse could have happened had he not intervened.

Njala PRO Ayuba told me he did fetched the editor from the church and confirmed the assault on the editor but he never thought he could be assaulted the way ASA members did to him.

Emanuel has entered an official report of assault on his person at the Waterloo police station, a medical paper was issued to him and learnt he has been admitted in a private hospital in the East.