In a scathing Facebook post, renowned civil society activist Edmond Abu has denounced Mayor-elect Yvonne Aki-Sawyer for discrediting the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), despite her victory in the mayoral election.

Abu accused Aki-Sawyer of manipulating the election results, likening her actions to a deceitful portrayal of the nation’s citizens as mindless zombies.

“Aki Sawyer even when you have won, you still want to discredit the ECSL with tampered RRFs results like you lied to make our beloved nation look like we are Zombies with the fake issue of blood,” he stated.

Moreover, Abu revealed that supporters of the All People’s Congress (APC) party only voted for Aki-Sawyer due to their allegiance to the party symbol, emphasizing her lack of tangible achievements.

Challenging her claim to have worked for the people of Sierra Leone, Abu suggested that she should contest as an independent candidate to understand the challenges faced by Charles Margai and other politicians who met similar fates.

Abu asserted that Aki-Sawyer’s performance could not compare to that of Mohmed Gento Kamara, emphasizing the need for her to improve her reputation and instill confidence in women for the mandated 30% quota.

Drawing a parallel between Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom, Abu argued that Aki-Sawyer’s political career would be terminated if she were in a similar situation as Boris Johnson or Donald Trump, who faced consequences for their deceptive actions.

While commending Kamara for graciously accepting defeat and congratulating Aki-Sawyer, Abu, speaking from Ghana, emphasized the importance of transparency.

He urged Aki-Sawyer or any political party with conflicting election results to either seek legal redress or present their evidence in the court of public opinion, i.e., social media, instead of perpetuating falsehoods. Abu further stressed that if anyone could prove the ECSL wrong, they should lead a campaign for a rerun of the 2023 elections.