The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has issued a Press Release reacting to an electricity token Purchase receipt making the rounds on social media from a customer by the name of Charles Lebbie, residing at 7 Hill View Drive, Off Regent Road.

According to EDSA Mr. Debbie alleges that EDSA has cheated him because he’s only received seven (7) Units for a Purchase amount of One hundred new Leone (Le.100)

According to EDSA, upon careful analysis of Mr Lebbie, along with the historical purchase pattern of this customer, EDSA discovered that Mr. Debbie has not purchased electricity for Over Six months.

EDSA further concludes that after a review of Mr. Lebbie’s receipt and an analysis of the purchase pattern, Mr Lebbie allegations of cheating by EDSA are baseless and without merit

EDSA further Invites Mr. Debbie to their Headquarters at 36 Siaka Steven Street for Clarification and also to understand why electricity has not purchased for six months.

In view of the above, EDSA encourages all their customers to report concerns to EDSA, either by visiting any of their offices across the country or by calling their customer service at 672.