The Management of Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has announced on a public notice that there will be power outage in Bo, Kenema and Kono including Octea Mines, from the 15th to 24th April 2023.

This according to EDSA, is due to the reason that one of its power producers, TRANSCO – CLSG/CIE is set to embark on energization and commissioning activities on the 225KV transmission lines as enshrined in their contract agreement to start on the 15th to 24th April from 7am – 5pm daily.

It was also noted that Freetown will also not receive power from the TRANSCO/CLSG line as stated above. However, other sources of generation is to complement power supply in Freetown.

The Authority further assures the general public especially consumers in Bo, Kenema and Kono that works will be implemented as scheduled and that power will be restored at 5 pm on every working day until the activities are completed, which is to usher in normal power supply.

The Authority apologized for the inconvenience the situation may cause and promised to restore normal supply as soon as the activities are completed.