The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has announced the completion of extended maintenance activities at the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Dam.

The focus of the maintenance was on the defective radial gate, a critical component of the dam’s infrastructure. This essential work, which concluded in the early hours of May 30, 2024, aims to ensure the continued efficient operation of the dam and the reliability of electricity supply to the region.

Residents of Makeni and Magburuka can now expect the immediate restoration of power, following the successful maintenance operation. EDSA has confirmed that these areas are the first to benefit from the resumed operations at Bumbuna Dam. This restoration aligns with EDSA’s commitment to minimizing disruptions and ensuring that essential services are promptly reinstated.

In a press release issued today, EDSA’s management highlighted the completion of the maintenance activities and reassured the public about the steps being taken to enhance the power distribution network. The authority is in the process of synchronizing Bumbuna’s operations with Karpower, a strategic move designed to transmit additional power to Freetown. This synchronization is expected to bolster the electricity supply to the capital city, thereby improving the overall stability and availability of power to customers.

EDSA expressed gratitude to its customers for their patience and understanding during the maintenance period. The authority acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the power disruptions but emphasized the necessity of the maintenance work to ensure long-term service quality and reliability. The management assured the public that the efforts invested in the maintenance and synchronization processes are geared towards providing consistent and high-quality electricity services.