The Director of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) Mr. Abu Kamara informs Newsmen on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 that as part of their exercise to ensure electricity supply in all Chiefdoms, Districts and Regions, EDSA has installed more than 100 kilowatt generator to supply Tambaya Chiefdom in Tonkolili District, the North-East of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Kamara said Tambaya Chiefdom is the latest to benefit out of over seventy communities in the provinces already supplied with electricity. He said the presence of energy supply in the chiefdom will facilitate a lot of development in the chiefdom.

He called on the beneficiaries not to hesitate to call the nearest police station whenever they detect movements from perpetrators who are bent on stealing EDSA materials for personal gains; thereby depriving the general population.

Mr. Kamara said the rural electrification exercise will also include the Western Rural District of which another project from Waterloo to Tombo Village has begun and sooner will continue in other parts of the Peninsular.

He said the government of President Bio continues to improve the decades old electricity problems. He said energy supply has improved in the South-East Regions and other parts of the country. He added that Solar Energy has been made available to residents in rural areas. He said cable fixing is going on and expressed satisfaction over the people’s determination to protect EDSA’s materials and logistics especially in remote areas around the country.