The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has announced the list of areas in Freetown that will continue to experiencing intermittent supply of electricity for the time being.

This is contained in a public notice released on 7th January, 2022 by the electricity management body.

According to EDSA, due to an underground fault discovered alone the network distribution cables between Freetown 161 at Kingtom Power Station to Brookfields Substation within the Freetown Distribution Network, the following areas are therefore experiencing intermittent supply of electricity for the time being: King Harman Road, Brookfields, Pyke Street, Dillet Street, New England, George Brook, Jomo Kenyatta Road, Hill Cot Road, Red pump, Wilberforce, Hill Station, OAU Village, Grey Bush, Congo Town, Syke Street and their immediate surroundings.

“In a bid to solve the problem, our technical team is currently working assiduously to investigate and locate the fault in order to carry out maintenance work and restore supply as soon as possible.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation may cause to our valued customers while assuring them of normal supply soonest.”, the notice added.