The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has disclosed that they have recorded an increased rate of vandalism perpetrated on its network distribution infrastructures within communities and warned that it would implement the full force of the law on persons found wanting.

EDSA made this known in a press release issued on Wednesday 8 March 2023 to its customers and the general public amid the perpetual challenges they are faced with in the supply and distribution of electricity in the country.

According to EDSA, the primary cause has been human interference and this has drastically derailed their efforts to continuously increase and supply uninterrupted power to its valued customers.

The Authority noted that over the years, they have discovered that certain consumers of electricity are engaged in the illegal abstraction of electricity, thereby diverting the connection which makes them not pay the appropriate charges for electricity consumed.

They added that this behavior has seriously dampened the financial viability of the Authority to an extent that they find it difficult to honor its financial obligations.

EDSA, therefore, wants the public to know that the National Electricity Act of 2011 states that, “Any person who prevents any meter or installation from duly recording the output or consumption of electricity commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not less than Fifty Million Leones or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or both fine and imprisonment.”

Henceforth, the Authority has reinforced its inspectorate teams to instantaneously inspect premises and business houses and has further established a strong collaboration with the Judiciary which will lead to the full implementation of the law on persons found wanting.”

The Authority disclosed that they have recorded an increased rate of vandalism perpetrated on its network distribution infrastructures within communities.

“Such an unpatriotic act has plunged communities into darkness and poses a threat of insecurity including an increase in the financial burden of the Authority in an attempt to replace vandalized facilities,” EDSA stated.

To this end, the Authority is calling on community stakeholders to collaborate/partner with EDSA in ensuring the safety and security of installed facilities to enhance the continuous supply of electricity.

Furthermore, the Authority is encouraging members of the public to serve as whistleblowers by reporting to EDSA any suspected illegal abstraction of electricity and vandalism of installed facilities by calling EDSA on 672 or 079 695104 including contacting the nearest police station for immediate action,” EDSA concluded.