Conrad Sackey, the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School (MBSSE), has initiated discussions with members of the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion to enhance peace education in schools across Sierra Leone.

During their deliberations, Sackey emphasized the importance of collaboration in raising awareness and promoting peace education initiatives within the educational system. He highlighted the significance of integrating peace education into school curricula as a proactive measure to instill a culture of peace among students.

He maintained that Education has a critical role in instilling an understanding of the importance of peace and social justice in helping the promotion and development of the youths in the country and how they can be very helpful within their different communities.

“It equips the next generation with a sense of their role and responsibility as both national and global citizens. To account for this, civic education has assumed a central role in Sierra Leone’s educational landscape, as it is integrated into the Foundational Learning curriculum.

“I look forward to further discussions with the Peace Commission on how we can build on these efforts to continue fostering conflict resolution skills, nurturing critical thinking in the minds of our young learners, and fortifying the foundations of our educational institutions.” Sackey said.

He expressed commitment to promoting peace and national cohesion and making sure that the educational sector is maintained and works in the best interest of the children as well as accepting the effort of every child’s contribution towards the growth of the education in the country.