For the Minister of Education, we invite; for the Minister of Transport, we summon. It is so decided,” the Speaker of Parliament, Dr Abass Bundu rules during Tuesday’s Parliamentary Sitting for two government ministers to face MPs over the death of several school kids in a gruesome road accident that happened in Lumley last week.

The ruling follows a concern first raised by one of the MPs, Ibrahim Tawa Conteh and unanimously backed by the entire House over the increase in outreach activities organized by schools during festive seasons and the deadly incidents that often beleaguers the said events.

In the recent Lumley incident, records show that 15 Sierra Leonean students have lost their lives while others remain in critical condition. Last year, a school organized an outing, and a child lost his life by drawing, Hon Tawa informed the House.

The MP said the bus involved in the Lumley accident was over-parked with children and their parents. The bus has been parked for the longest time. Some repair was only done on it on the very day, the school wanted to use it, another MP, Hon. Hassan Sesay added.

“There is an increase in multiplicity of events by schools in this country, especially primary schools and those events are costing the lives of our children, Hon. Tawa noted.

Indeed, Beach Outings with young school kids have become common among primary schools, especially private schools. And there is a growing concern that authorities are abusing the rights to organize some of those events into extorting money from schools. parents. This was a concern also raised by many MPs during the Parliamentary Session on Tuesday December 20.

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and the Minister of Transport and Aviation will face Parliament as MPs consider possible ban on some outreach activities organized by schools.

“I think we should go further than just raise a concern. Let us help the government. If they cannot stop it, let us do so by resolution of this House,” the Speaker of the House, Dr. Abass Bundu stated during his ruling to summon the ministers.