Otoh Kargbo, a gold miner in Masumra village in the Tonkolili district has run out of luck and her clandestine activity was exposed after an attempt to sell Sarah Bangura failed.

The suspect has already been charged by the Regional Division, Mena Police Station in Makeni, Sierra Leone Police Media one, Sergeant John A bass Kamara has confirmed.

On August 16, 2022, some people including Hawanatu Kamara and David Martin Kamara brought the suspect to the station, and upon questioning; she admitted that indeed she was trying to sell the girl had it not been for the swift intervention of police officers who rushed to the crime scene to apprehend her. Otoh had reached Magburaka town late that night from the village. She stopped at the girl’s house and pleaded with her aunt Sampa Fullah (complainant) to allow her to be lodged in the house for a few days.

As a stranger, she fought hard to befriend the girl and later cajoled her that she wanted her to escort her to the village to do small mining but before that would pass in Makeni to collect the sum of fifteen million Leones from an aunty that was coming from Guinea.

She warned her not to tell her aunty about the patrol.

While in Makeni, the suspect told the girl to rub cream on her back but by that time, the girl was panicking due to the presence of two men she did not know. She attempted to run but the men overpowered her and brought her back to Otoh.

Upon suspecting the game that was at play, a witness who had suspected what was going on approached the suspect telling them that he was there to buy the girl. He was charged the sum of seven hundred million Leones but sliced down to three hundred million Leones neither “last price, buy nor buy”.

to three hundred million Leones neither “last price, buy nor buy”. Parents and guardians in the region have been advised to be watchful over their children.