It’s already midday in the country and different polling stations in the Kailahun District are busy in the voting process.

So far, reports from our observers at that part of the country have being that there has been peaceful atmosphere from their areas since the voting started earlier.

However there have been concerns by the Polling staffs that though the environment is friendly, participation from voters has been slow.

Speaking to one of the NEW observer at the Al-Qugus Islamic primary school, Center code 01193, she complained that election is somehow peaceful but the presence of security personnel isn’t felt.

She expressed fear over the weak presence of the security at the center, stating that the election sensitive materials could be at stake.

At Barkar yawei chiefdom, Center code 01196, the environment is also friendly, however there is report of slow participation from voters.

Saffa Alieu helped in filing this report. More details to follow soon.