The President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Sierra Leone, Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly has pleaded with Sierra Leoneans to pray and fast as the country edge towards elections in June 2023.

“I call on all Sierra Leoneans to seek God in prayer and fasting concerning the destiny of our nation. Sierra Leone is at what could be referred to as crossroads at the moment with elections barely a month ahead,” the Bishop said.

He added that the country will be in a difficult position without the help of God. “There are a lot of hate and tribal sentiment messages going around bent on dividing the nation,” he said.

The Bishop had earlier asked his congregation and Christians to fast for three days starting from Sunday ending on Tuesday. He encouraged locals to pray in their respective places of work or homes for at least an hour a day.

“One should not think less of this because whatever the outcome (of the election) all of us will be affected,” he said.

He asked Sierra Leoneans to reminisced on the 10-year civil war and its devastating effect. He stated that some of those calling for violence are oblivious of how the war plunged the country into poverty and suffering.

Bishop Sam-Jolly advised politicians and supporters to desist from spreading hate messages or risk the wrath of God.

“I do not belong to green, red or yellow but I belong to the nation of Sierra Leone and I’m speaking to you as a Sierra Leonean,” he said.

The Bishop ended his telecasting by saying a prayer for the nation while reiterating the need for calm ahead of the elections.