Popular TV personality, entrepreneur and CEO of Reems Entertainment, Ellen Keister lost her only son, Liam Mirakel Aiden after being affected by the coronavirus.

Liama was born on 24th March 2021. The promising child lost his life on 31st December, 2021 after contracting the virus along with her mother, Ellen Keister.

With sad moment after losing the only son after 9 months, the TV personality took to Facebook and expressed her sadness, advised Sierra Leoneans to keep their children safe and informed them about the reality of COVID-19.

“Maybe I am still In shock and not accepting it or not believing it…My only son, Liam Mirakel Aiden passed away on 12/31/2021. He was 9 months and 7days old. We caught the bug (I’m good now) and he couldn’t handle the virus….. He died in my arms which I am grateful to God for… Liam was a fighter, he fought to stay alive… Even till his last breath, Liam was fighting to stay alive but thank God he is not suffering anymore.

They say you can’t question God but I am still asking God why? May his gentle soul rest in God’s bosom… Like I said to him.. Watch over Mummy.. This pain I can’t bare and I will never ever get over it.. I will never ever ever ever.. A part of me is gone… I’m just praying to God for strength…. it’s still surreal but It is well…

The best 18 months of my life was spent with my King… I love you with all I have.. Rest in paradise my boss….I prayed for you, you came, you saw, you conquered. God giveth and he taketh.. Trust me, I still don’t get it.. Not even trying to anymore.. I will take it as it is, one day at a time..

Goodbye my King, my personal person, my favorite human being, the one I love more than myself.. See you in Heaven champ….

Keep our children safe.. Let’s save each other….Covid is real…”