Following his visit to the ‘Dakar Summit on Agriculture and Agricbusiness’, Preident Bio was received at the Conference Centre by the Host – President Macky Sall of Senegal and the President of the AfDB group respectively.

The President of Ireland, H.E Michael D. Higgins has congratulated President Julius Maada Bio on recent development in Sierra Leone, during a productive bilateral meeting held at the Dakar 2 Summit.

He chiefly commend President Bio on the progress made in Education and promoting Women’s’ Right across the country.

Speaking at the Summit in Dakar, President Bio said ” We (Africans) have gaind political sovereignty but now we have to meet our food sovereignty” He presided over the preentation of ”Sierra Leone Agriculture and Food Delivery Compct” to development partners as it holds a greater benefit to only to Sierra Leone but all countries present at the Summit.

President Haggins made a positive intervention during the presentation of the  ”Sierra Leone Agriculture and Food Delivery Compct” 

much is anricipated from the outome of the Summit to boost the Agricultural sector for all coutries that are present as well as attracting investors who may inturn develop the human and capital development.