Sierra Leonean United Stated based popular DJ and presenter, Egerton Shabba has told the Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero that he is creating enemies for himself in the entertainment industry.

Egerton also advised Kao Denero to focus on his job and reminded him about his position. He cautioned him to understand that the position that he is holding is not forever.

For the past one week, Kao Denero has been trending online after sending a message to Sierra Leone stand-up comedians concerning speaking English. When asked by the presenter on AYV TV on why comedian was not invited for the just concluded Dubai Expo 2020 in Dubai. According to Kao Denero, he only gave an advice to the comedians to start creating their contents in English so that they can seek opportunities for them in an international audience. This statement was seen as an insult by the comedians which made them to react by sharing their academic credentials and requesting Kao Denero’s academic qualifications. He went ahead and placed a $200 challenge for any comedian that can master a show in English.

Kao Denero also made another comment on Afri Radio about the Sierra Leone DJs Union for their Conference held few weeks ago. He made a statement that the conference was held at the National Stadium Conference Hall which is closer to the opposition All People’s Congress party office. This also brought another controversy between him and the DJs.

However, as he is creating more issues in the entertainment industry, Egerton Shabba breaks silence by sending an advice to Kao Denero to stop creating unnecessary enemies.