Alhaji Kanja Sesay, the minister of energy has on the 2nd September, 2023 Inspected the Bo-Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project to get a first-hand information and the progress status.

The minister assured that, the Project will be completed within the stipulated timeframe in December this year and maintains its successful rollout.

The Project seeks to make improvements on transmission and distribution lines in the two cities, expand or increase access to quality and reliable electricity to 12 communities between the two cities, and cater for emerging or un served communities within the two cities.

The minister disclosed that, the project is funded by the FCDO and the African Development Bank, AfDB, and would positively impact the quality and reliability of electricity supply in the two districts and would enable citizens massively enjoy the CLSG electricity.

The minister maintained, that he was satisfied with the status of the project and the progress the contractors manifested which can be amounted to 60% of the total work done, adding that, the requisite materials needed for the implementation and completion of the project is intact as well as substations completed.