The Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Prof. Foday Jaward, has stressed the need to have a technical committee on electronic waste substances.

He talked about this during a stakeholder meeting with different MDAs at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

He said E-waste materials are very hazardous chemicals that posed risks to life. In addition, he disclosed that these materials have toxic metals that have become a menace to the environment.

He mentioned that Sierra Leone is a signatory to the Stockholm, Rotterdam, and Basel Conventions that are against transboundary of chemical substances but noted that there is no developed policy to domesticate these conventions.

He affirmed that there is an incomplete document on the establishment of the hazardous and electronic waste management Act of Sierra Leone and entreated various stakeholders to further work on the completion of the document so that it could become illegal to dump transboundary hazardous materials in the country.

The acclaimed strides that have been made so far by other African countries have generated financial benefits from European Union in managing their E-waste substances. He noted that Sierra Leone already got a foundation to start on and encouraged members who would constitute the technical committee to work assiduously to finalize the document.