Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has concluded a two-day Intervention Summit aimed at identifying and prioritizing activities that will contribute most effectively to achieving the objectives of the agency’s transformation strategy and the 2024-2030 Priorities Plan.

The summit, which brought together EPA staff, stakeholders, and development partners, focused on developing robust and transparent procedures to guide decision-making at the agency over the next seven years. This process, known as Outcome Mapping, involves identifying the desired outcomes, selecting the most effective activities to achieve those outcomes, and establishing clear indicators to measure progress.

“We are committed to ensuring that our interventions have a real and lasting impact on the environment and the lives of Sierra Leoneans,” said EPA Executive Director Kemoh Sesay. “This summit has been an invaluable opportunity to bring together our staff, stakeholders, and partners to develop a clear and focused strategy for the future.”

In addition to Outcome Mapping, the summit also included sessions on stakeholder validation, launch, and donor engagement. These sessions provided an opportunity for EPA staff to present their plans to a wider audience and secure the necessary support for implementation.

The EPA has a long history of working with communities to protect and improve the environment. The agency has been engaged in a number of community visitation programs in recent years, providing education and training on environmental issues and working with communities to develop and implement sustainable environmental management practices.

“Our priority is to ensure that the people of Sierra Leone live in a clean and healthy environment,” said Sesay. “The interventions we select through this process will play a vital role in achieving this goal.”

The EPA is committed to transparency and accountability in all of its activities. The agency has a number of mechanisms in place to ensure that its work is consistent with its strategic priorities and that it is delivering results for the people of Sierra Leone.

The two-day Intervention Summit is a significant step forward in the EPA’s efforts to achieve its strategic goals. The agency is now well-positioned to implement its transformation strategy and the 2024-2030 Priorities Plan in a way that will have a real and lasting impact on the environment and the lives of Sierra Leoneans.