The Environmental Protection has issued an immediate Release on a Social Media post that describes high pollution with serious effects on human health.

EPA alerts the Public the general Public that no recent standardization was undertaken to arrive at the Purportedly identified hazardous risk

EPA Emphasizes their commitment for promoting safe human health, our ecosystem, and investment, and we urge everyone to adopt safe environmental practices in this regard.

The Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency (SLMet) recently  issued a new reports indicating a surge in Saharan dust suspended in the atmosphere over Sierra Leone. The agency predicts that this condition is likely to persist for several weeks.

According to the Public Relations Unit of SLMet, the latest report highlights a simultaneous increase in both relative humidity and temperatures. The dry air, saturated with dust particles, has resulted in hazy atmospheric conditions, leading to a significant reduction in visibility.

The agency anticipates that these atmospheric trends may continue over the coming days or even weeks.