In her 60th Audio Message to the Nation, the former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs who also served as Special Executive Assistant (SEA) under President Koroma’s Administration, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, has lashed at her former boss as someone who clandestinely misleads and incites his supporters to undermine National Security.

She said Koroma was making wild promises and bogus timelines to APC party members especially able bodied youths even though such misinformation will create a platform for misunderstanding and subsequent threats to the Peace of the land when such expected timelines do not come to pass.

She said Koroma was exposing other APC members like herself as well as exposing other society stakeholders to the wrath of angry APC party members who would see the non-fruition of such timelines as acts of sabotage against the APC and the party’s chances at next year’s General Elections.

“How would such a man call himself a patriot? Is Ernest Koroma a patriot? No he is not. He is a dangerous man, he is a liar, he is a deceptive person. Ernest Koroma is the Head of APC’s Jihadist group. He uses dangerous means to mislead and incite his followers against National Security”, she disclosed.

The former APC Minister acknowledged that President Koroma knows all of the steps involve in the formation of rules and regulations for the conduct of APC internal party elections.

She also revealed that even if the High Court should have given judgement on the 2nd of April in respect of the APC constitution, she said it is NOT possible for the APC to start any of their internal party elections as fallaciously stated by former President Koroma to a gathering of his youthful supporters.

According to her, unless the rules and regulations as mandated in the APC constitution are first created by the APC Advisers and later approved by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), no such internal party elections can be conducted.

Dr. Blyden added that despite the fact that former President Koroma knows all of the legal implications around the promulgation of rules and regulations, he decided to converge young people at his compound with the aim of inciting and misleading them that by June of this year, all the APC’s internal conventions will be over and the party would have had an elected flagbearer.

Dr. Sylvia Blyden elucidated that under Chapter five, Article 54 Paragraph (E) of the new APC constitution, it says that internal election rules and regulations for the APC Party shall be reviewed and revised in order to have new rules and regulations for every election cycle.

According to the APC constitution, it is mandated that at any time for APC election cycle, the APC constitution shall be reviewed and approved by the National Advisory Committee (NAC).

The APC former Minister also referenced Section 24, subsection (1)(B) of the Political Parties Registration (PPRC) Act of 2002.

She disclosed that the PPRC Act of 2002 indicates that at anytime a political party wants to conduct internal elections and decides to make fresh rules and regulations, those rules and regulations shall be first taken to the Political Parties Registration Commission.

She added that the PPRC shall now in fourteen days, publish such rules and regulations in the Government Gazette.

Dr. Blyden continued that after the rules and regulations have been published in the Government Gazette, such rules and regulations shall also take up to thirty (30) days in waiting and within that thirty (30) days period, the PPRC shall ask members from the public to raise possible Objections against such rules and regulations of that political party.

She furthered that if any member of the public decides to raise an Objection against any of the regulations for the conduct of internal elections of the party, the PPRC shall also have to take more time to look into that Objection raised after thirty days and thereafter, the PPRC shall now give a Ruling, publish a final draft and send copy to the political party in question.

She also noted that after PPRC might have certified the rules and regulations, it shall take another fourteen days for it to be published in waiting after several days of layout, copy and printing at the government printing press.

Dr. Blyden also in her 60th Audio broadcast, condemned a press release published by someone whom she described as the “de facto APC Secretary General”, Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh on the 25th of March 2022 regarding the APC case in the High Court.

She added that Osman Yansanneh made a very big blunder against the High Court Judge Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher in that press statement.

Dr. Blyden also furthered that the press release serves as an incitement to supporters against Justice Fisher by claiming that the APC constitution came to effect on the 25th of March 2020.

She added that if one has to call the attention of the court to any development, there is a format to use to file for the attention of the court. Dr. Blyden continued that the filing should also be done through the court’s registry with a copy for the Master. However, she said that APC’s Osman Yansaneh failed to do all of that regarding the maturity of the APC constitution before he went to embarrass the High Court judge.

She said the APC Secretary General only informed the court of the compliance of the Orders of the Judge to create a more democratic Constitution, a good four days after the incitement press statement was issued by Secretary General Yansaneh. She said that was bad.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Neither the Office of the Former President nor the APC Secretary General were available for comments despite repeated attempts to reach them on the serious issues around their statements being misleading enough to become threats to National Security.