Chief Observer Evin Incir from the European Union, representing the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), has formally presented the much-anticipated Final Report on the 2023 elections to the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone Commissioner-in- Charge Edmond Alpha.

Commissioner Alpha received the report on behalf of the chief Electoral Commissioner Mohamed K. Konneh and Board of Commissioners at the ECSL Conference Hall in Freetown.

This all-encompassing report stands as a testament to the EU EOM’s unwavering commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in electoral processes. It presents a well-substantiated overview of Sierra Leone’s 2023 elections. During the report presentation, Chief Observer Evin Incir emphasized its significance, asserting that it offers a comprehensive, evidence-based account of the election proceedings while also providing 21 noteworthy recommendations.

In her words, “This report gives a comprehensive, evidence-based account of the 2023 elections and offers 21 recommendations.

These 21 recommendations are poised to address various facets of the electoral process, encompassing topics like voter registration, polling procedures, and campaign protocols. They are expected to serve as a valuable reference point for Sierra Leone’s government and electoral authorities as they endeavor to bolster the fairness and credibility of forthcoming elections.

This presentation signifies a significant milestone in Sierra Leone’s ongoing quest to fortify its democratic processes. The EU EOM’s report is poised to wield substantial influence in shaping the direction of future elections within the country.

Meanwhile, this is the fifth time that the European Union has observed general elections in Sierra Leone, which reflects the EU’s long-term commitment to supporting credible, transparent, and inclusive elections in the country.

The EU EOM is composed of different groups of observers. The Core Team consists of 10 election experts who arrived in Freetown on 11 May 2023. On 20 May, 28 long-term observers joined the mission and were deployed across the country and follow the election campaign.