The European Union Election Observation Mission (EUEOM) in Sierra Leone has collaborated with various international observer groups, including the ECOWAS observer mission, in preparation for the upcoming general elections on June 24th, 2023.

This collaborative effort is a result of the declaration of observation framework, under which the EUEOM has closely coordinated its activities with other international observers in the country.

The core team of the EUEOM recently held a productive meeting with their counterparts from the ECOWAS observer mission, both working towards the shared goal of ensuring a peaceful and credible election process in Sierra Leone.

Demonstrating their commitment, the EUEOM has been actively engaged in observing every stage of the electoral process throughout the country.

In addition, the mission has actively sought the perspectives of various paramount chiefs from different regions. These interactions have provided valuable insights into election preparations, campaign activities, and voter awareness.

Notably, the EUEOM team held discussions with nine paramount chiefs in Makeni and Bo respectively, further enhancing their understanding of the local context and challenges.

As Sierra Leone approaches its general elections, the collaboration between the EUEOM and other international observer groups reinforces the commitment to supporting a transparent, fair, and peaceful electoral process in the country.