The European Union (EU) in Sierra Leone has condemned the petition made by Honourable Emerson Lamina in an EU-ACP group meeting yesterday in Brussels.

The European Union Delegation is surprised about the content of the petition of Hon. Emerson.

“Lamina mainly focusing on allegations against the European Union which do not correspond with facts,” the EU said in a press release issued today.

The Union said that the content of the member of Parliament is negated from the good relationship that Sierra Leone shares with the EU.

They said the said statement was “unfortunate and unnecessary” to the point that it is far-fetch from the realities of a good relationship between the EU and Sierra Leone.

The European body aligned several democratic and development-oriented projects they have participated in recently including a joint observer mission with other international partners in constituency 056 in Tonkolili District.

The Union also frowned at a particular quotation made by a member of parliament about voter registration that wasn’t genuine. They said that the quote “does not correspond with facts”

The EU reaffirmed its commitment to supporting democracy in Sierra Leone including a multi-party System and free and fair elections in the West African nation.

The Union also highlighted the amount of financial assistance they have rendered to the nation over the years for the conduct of elections in the country.

The EU also frowned at the accusations made by Lamina about the August 10 protest in Freetown. They denied that there were statements made by their Ambassador in the aftermath.

They reiterated that they do not interfere in the politics of the country.

The EU does not favor specific political parties or candidates,” they said.

Lamina, in a petition in Brussels, made several accusations against the EU and its operations in the West African nation.

Experts believe that such accusations are glaring especially at a time the country is about to conduct its multi-tier elections this June.