Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, David Moinina Sengeh has officially released the 2021 BECE results.

The Minister explained that the passes in 2021 exceed the number of passes in 2020, adding that WAEC received more BECE entries in 2021 than in 2020.

The Best Candidate scored aggregate 6 followed by two other candidates who obtained aggregate 7

The Minister noted that this is the first time BECE results are being released before the resumption of schools.

The Minister highlighted that candidate can check their results bey sending text Result to 468.

The best candidate hailed from Naiahcom High School, Goderich, Western Rural, followed UBC Henrietta, Kenema District.

BECE Result breakdown

131,822 candidates sat to the 2021 BECE. 65,934 males and 65,888 females from 1,349 schools.

The 2021 entry is less than the 2020 entry of 133,438 candidates from 101,209 schools by 1,616 candidates.

However, it should be noted that WAEC gave more school codes in 2021 to 140 more schools.

Out of 131,822 candidates, 131,483 sat one or more subjects, 339 candidates were absent for all subjects. 1,767 candidates sat an insufficient number of the required subjects to be awarded an aggregate score but sat some papers and stand a chance of passing the exams if they obtain the required number of passes for transitioning to the next school year.

Performance of candidates

One candidate scored an aggregate score of 6. Two obtained aggregate score of 7 and twenty obtained aggregate score of 8

Two candidates obtained 7-unit ones; which is distinction. 6 candidates obtained 6-unit ones out of the 8 subjects and 68 obtained 5-unit ones.

Out of 103,623 candidates; 51, 232 of them were females and 62,391 males passed and qualified for the entry to Senior Secondary School WASSCE Program. They obtained the minimum of 5 or more subjects including Language Arts or Mathematics. SSS1 Pass rate is 78.61% in which 77.92% are females and 79.70% are males.

Out of 5,876 candidates; 993 females passed Language Arts or Mathematics but only pass a total of 4 subjects. 2,745 candidates had 5 subjects and more including mathematics and Language Arts. 85.37% pass for both WASSCE and Vocational programs.

Top 2021 BECE candidate had aggregate score of 6


Here are the top 3 schools

  1. Naiahcom High School, Goderich – Ishmail Bayoh with aggregate 6
  2. Henrietta UBC Junior Secondary School, Kenema – Doris Jah Ramatu with aggregate 7
  3. Modern Academy School of Excellence, Rokel – Gabba Blessing Elizabeth with aggregate 7

Comparing 2020 BECE and 2021 BECE

The performance of schools in 2021 BECE is better than the 2020 BECE.

116 schools had 100% passing rate for 2020 while 158 schools had 100% passing rate for 2021 and 12 schools had 0% passing rate for entry for WASSCE programme

National Performance of Schools in Terms of Pass Rate

  1. Modem Academy School of Excellency – Western Rural
  2. Lebanese Secondary – Kenema
  3. Christian Refund Church JSS – Kabala
  4. Hillside School of Excellence – Western Rural
  5. Chrisbel Modern High School – Western Rural
  6. International College of Makeni Sec School – Bombali
  7. Sheik Ties Academy Junior Sec Sch – Western Urban
  8. Providence International Senior High School – Western Urban
  9. The Board of Life Com Junior Sec High Sch, Rotinfunk – Port Loko
  10. Clean and Feed The Children – Kono
  11. Mono Makarr International Senior Sec Sch – Port Loko

District Performance – Top 3 Schools

  1. Kenema District = 88.9%
  2. Bombali District = 88.1%
  3. Tonkolili District = 86.8%

District Performance – Bottom 3 Schools

  1. Falaba District = 68.6%
  2. Moyamba District = 65.2%
  3. Kono District = 59.1%

There is 55.8% pass rate for candidates from Guinea.