Former Housemates Salone Yagba Season contestant, Augusta Kumba Youngai is all set to hold a Fashion Fest in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to AYV, Madam Youngai said as the name suggests, the Fest will be an event that will primarily focus on showcasing Sierra Leone’s fashion, as well as vibes, music, creatives, and comedy.

She said it is a fashion and entertainment event that will feature all things, Sierra Leone, along with elegance, exposure, lights, camera, action, red carpet, connecting, and unwinding.

“While also experiencing the magnificence of our own Sierra Leone culture in various elements and from.

This event will feature the most recent fashion trends, music, comedy acts, and Sierra Leonean creativity. Fashion Fest SL will be an annual event in the Sierra Leone entertainment space, and it will be the first of its kind. Following the success of the event, the proceeds from FASHION FEST SL will be distributed to humanitarian causes in and outside of Sierra Leone”. Madam Young said.

The primary goal is to continue making a positive difference in Sierra Leone through charitable work and providing hope to the hopeless through entertainment.

Augusta Kumba Youngai is a certified IT Specialist who specializes in (Data Management Processing) and is an aspiring Lawyer (Family Law).

She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, creating fashion pieces, and talking about her many goals, aspirations, and dreams in her leisure time.

She also loves sports, especially track and field as she was a very good runner/athlete during her primary, secondary, and university school days.

She is a spontaneous humanitarian who has been involved in lots of independent charitable works for children, women, and youths for a decade now on a low scale.

She is also an Entrepreneur/Businesswoman doing her businesses in and out of Sierra Leone which she has used to empower selected youths to develop their skills and empower them with job opportunities.

Augusta is an embodiment of inspiration, hard work, dedication, and consistency. She believes in lifting others and being there for them. This is why she aspires to someday in the nearest future have a big charitable organization that will focus on empowering children, women, and youths in as many communities as possible to expand her humanitarian works.

Because she believes in being a positive change and making a difference. She is a young intentional woman with lots of skills, abilities, goals, dreams, and visions that set her apart from her peers.