Sources at the Civil Aviation Authority have described the so-called Bo Airport Project as a sham spearheaded by a group of deceitful and shameless criminals.

According to the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Moses Tiffa, the so-called Bo Airport project is illegal, because, neither the Civil Aviation Authority nor the Ministry of Transport and Aviation is aware of such a sham project.

Global Times visited the so-called project site in Bo and discovered that work had been put on hold. There was no one on the site to talk to.

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon who is currently attending a meeting in Lagos, Nigeria informed the Global Times that he does not know anything about the so-called Airport Project in Bo.

According to Mr. Kallon, he has not met or seen anybody representing the so-called project in Sierra Leone. “Why can’t people do things properly?”

The Minister asked insisting that the so-called Airport Project in Bo is a big fraud. The Minister continued, “At the moment, the Government of Sierra Leone is not involved in any provincial airport project”

State House sources insisted last night that the President is not aware of any airport project in Bo. Investigations continue.