Fambul Tok Sierra Leone, a peacebuilding organization has urged politicians to prioritize the well-being of the country’s people urging a shift from “political games” to genuine progress, highlighting the hardships faced by ordinary citizens.

John Caulker, Executive Director of Fambul Tok Sierra Leone, stressed the need for politicians to focus on serving the nation, not themselves. The statement emphasizes the importance of leaders acting with integrity to overcome challenges like economic instability and lack of opportunity.

Fambul Tok calls for an end to actions that divide the nation. They urge leaders to unite the country and prioritize the collective good. This includes focusing on policies that benefit all Sierra Leoneans, fostering social justice, and creating economic opportunities.

The organization highlights the importance of dialogue and reconciliation for lasting peace. They urge investment in community-building efforts to heal past wounds and strengthen society. This includes initiatives promoting harmony between ethnicities and social cohesion.

Upholding democratic values is another key point. Fambul Tok emphasizes the need for fair and transparent governance to rebuild trust between the people and their leaders. This requires ensuring free and fair elections, respecting all voices, and holding politicians accountable.

Engagement with the people is crucial, according to Fambul Tok. Politicians must listen to the concerns of citizens and involve them in decision-making. The organization pledges its support for achieving these goals.

Fambul Tok concludes by urging politicians to prioritize the people, rise above personal interests, and lead Sierra Leone towards a brighter future.