Multiple-award-winning traditional folksinger, Fantacee Wiz gave her final statement on the disappearance of the winner of the maiden edition of Big Sister Empowerment Show, Haja Kamara popularly known as China Nicky.

On her Facebook page, the folksinger stated that, China Nicky is ashamed of coming to social media. According to her, she is not coming on social media because she has already told Sierra Leoneans that she is in the United States of which she is not and she is ashamed of that.

She pleaded to Sierra Leoneans to respect her decisions since she made the choice to settle in Ghana and she doesn’t want to expose it. Fantacee Wiz continued saying that, she has all the evidence to confirm that China Nicky is in Ghana.

After three years of her disappearance from social media, Sierra Leoneans demanded the whereabout of the winner of the maiden edition of Big Sister Empowerment Show, China Nicky. The questions were directly sent to her manager, Ejatu Barrie and the CEO of Big Sister Salone, Zainab Sheriff. However, Zainab Sheriff took to Facebook and cleared the air that she doesn’t know the whereabout of Nicky and she also want to known where she is and her status.

Many bloggers like Sarah Kallay, Prezo Koroma, Hawanatu Konneh, Philip Kaka Sandy; activists like Nino Brown, Ishmail Bah and musicians like Fantacee Wiz, Morris, Boss La and others stood firm to know the whereabout of the reality TV show winner.

Upon investigations by Sarah Kallay, it was revealed that, China Nicky is not in the United States but in Ghana. It is unclear how she ended in Ghana after informing Sierra Leoneans that she is travelling to the United States with her manager, Ejatu Barrie. After making all inquiries, the traditional folksinger, Fantacee Wiz concluded that China Nicky is in Ghana and it was her choice to settle there.


I’ve done a lot of digging the past couple of days about the China Nicky saga and I’ve some to the conclusion that China Nicky is alive and she’s in Ghana. She went there by choice and not by chance, and she’s ashamed to come on social media because she’d already told people she’s in America of which she’s not.

That’s entirely on her and let people respect her decision and let her be, she’s an adult and her decisions should be respected and people should leave EJ alone. I don’t say things I can’t back up with receipts because it’s my integrity on the line and it’s something I don’t joke with at all.

All these days we’ve been going back and forth because we are protecting one person which is China Nicky because if it all comes out the music will change and everyone will be dancing to a different tune.

Sometimes when we don’t know the truth we let our emotions cloud our judgement, of which I’m a victim as well and for that I Fantacee Wiz Kamara apologised to EJ. I have receipts to show it’s not what it looks like on social media.

China is a sister and she’ll always be a sister she knows what’s on and she said she’ll come on social media in February so we are waiting.

SN: It’s getting boring already.

PS: some people don’t want to accept the reality of her being in Ghana alive and kicking because you’re hoping for her to be dead or to be in some prison in the Bahamas languishing.

Love and light