In commemorating World AIDS Day on December 1st, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, the First Lady of Sierra Leone and Champion of UNAIDS, took a proactive stance by advocating youth awareness in combating HIV/AIDS. Acknowledging the persistent threat of HIV/AIDS, she emphasized the importance of collective efforts in tackling the ongoing challenges.

Today, December 1st, World AIDS Day, we are reminded that HIV/AIDS continues to haunt humanity despite the progress made,” Dr. Fatima stated. Her recognition of the enduring nature of the epidemic underscored the need for sustained awareness and action.

She emphasized, “Today, December 1. World Aids Day we are reminded that HIV &AIDS continues to hunt humanity despite progress made. As Champion of UNAIDS, I urge all especially FEDOM adolescent & teenagers to follow the ABCD (Abstain, Be faithful, use Condom &Delay) protocol- ‘Let the communities lead.

In her address, Dr. Fatima urged Sierra Leoneans, particularly adolescents and teenagers, to adopt a comprehensive approach in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS. She outlined the ABCD protocol—Abstain, Be faithful, use Condom, and Delay—as a crucial framework for prevention. This guidance reflects a holistic strategy encompassing abstinence, fidelity, safe practices, and the importance of timing in relationships.

Dr. Fatima’s role as a UNAIDS Champion lent weight to her advocacy, emphasizing the global significance of the message. By urging communities to take the lead, she highlighted the importance of grassroots initiatives in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Community involvement, according to her, is pivotal in creating awareness, dispelling myths, and promoting responsible behavior.

As the First Lady, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio’s commitment to addressing public health issues, especially on World AIDS Day, showcased her dedication to the well-being of the Sierra Leonean population. Her call to action resonates not only locally but also on the international stage, reinforcing the collective responsibility in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.