First Lady of Sierra Leone, Dr. Fatima Bio met with a technical committee on May 13th to discuss the proposed “Prohibition of Early Child Marriage Bill.”

The committee, composed of government officials, parliamentarians, child rights advocates, and law enforcement representatives, aims to refine the bill before it’s presented to parliament.

Early marriage remains a serious problem in Sierra Leone, with many girls forced to marry before 18. This not only violates their human rights but also jeopardizes their health and education.

The First Lady emphasized the committee’s importance in tackling this issue.

The diverse makeup of the committee highlights a collaborative effort between the government and civil society. Their goal is to implement effective legal measures to protect young girls. This meeting signifies a step towards a stronger legal framework safeguarding girls from the harmful consequences of early marriage.

First Lady Bio pledged her commitment to working with the committee. She urged them to be proactive in their efforts, not just for the victims but for the entire nation.