Sierra Leone’s First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio hosts an engaging interactive session with Women in The Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL) at her Freetown office in Goderich.

At the meeting, the WIMSAL President, Mrs. Eastina Taylor expresses her appreciation to the First Lady for meeting with their executive and commended her for her role in the fight against child marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual and Gender Based Violence and all forms of abuses against women and girls in Sierra Leone.

She remarked that the significance of their stop was to talk about how women in the media Sierra Leone could fill out and bolster the enterprises undertaken by the office of the first Lady, and how they could work jointly to tackle all structures of abuses against women and girls in the nation.

She went on to admire her Excellency for her posture in facilitating, upholding and guarding women and girls in the country and for submitting the Hands Off our Girls Campaign, a movement which according to her, has supported transforming the lives of many Sierra Leonean children.

She asked the First Lady to administer as an associate constituent of WIMSAL, owing to the truth that the First Lady has knowledge in journalism and has also been a strong proponent for gender problems.

Madam Taylor illustrated in detail the contests her organization has gone through over the past 16 years, and how they have fought to stay active.

She demanded the First Lady sponsored them with scholarships as some of their constituents are in ominous need of such support.

Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Maada Bio in her address, congratulated the recently voted for WIMSAL administrator on their new commitments and wish them well in their term.

She recognized the worries put up by the WIMSAL President and guaranteed her intervention in pivotal areas that are of great significance to the organization.

She said, “I will help with a few scholarships for our women who are striving to continue their university education, and also see how best I can support in renting an office space for the organization,”

The First Lady employs the possibility to communicate to the sanities of the women who were present at the meeting when she had to embellish some of the challenges she has launched as a woman in the exploration to impact change for women and girls in the country.

She said, “Journalism is not a play-safe profession, it’s about doing the right thing, irrespective of your political biases; I challenge you to stand for what you believed in and stop allowing the men to suppress your voices.”

At the end of her speech, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio guaranteed them that she is inclined to partner with WIMSAL as and when they are prepared.  “I want us to come and put ideas together and come up with a program that we can all implement together as women.”