The First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone has engaged in Agricultural advancement in the country as means for food self-sufficiency.

The First Lady believes that agriculture should be the new fashion which never fails and may stand to protect diverse areas in life respectively.

She has posted pictures of her agricultural investments and activities she has been engaged in over the Easter holiday and promised that other  products are set to be shown to the nation.

All products of the farm, she said will be named ‘’Tiammo’’. She encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to fully engage in agricultural investment for a self-food sufficiency.

‘’ The way to sustainable food self-sufficient. Grow the food you eat and breed the food you eat. I spent my Easter holiday doing just that. Fishing and taken care of my chicks.

As a first lady I believe to do the work and allow others to see it as an example. Agriculture is the new fashion join and enjoys the reward.

Make money out of it. Eat healthy food. Become your own boss.

This is our product and very soon our fish farm will be up and running.

All products from our farm will be named ‘’Tiammo’’ she stated