The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Maada Bio, has given reasons as to why, only the Sierra Leone People’s Party can make our dear country, Sierra Leone better. 

One of the reason she stressed about is their party slogan which is ‘One Country, One People’. According to Madam Bio, the Sierra Leone People’s Party, of all the party in Sierra Leone has the best slogan which is found in the most important books in the world; the Quran, Bible and the Dictionary. 

In her speech, she gave reasons, which is highlighted below, to back up the above mentioned claim.

“When you check in the dictionary for the phrases one country and one people, you will find the meaning but if you search for Orsai or Orwai in the dictionary, you will not find any meaning for these words. Then if you go through the bible and search for one country and one people, you will find it there, because God who made the bible says we should come together and worship him as well as believing in him as our savior. We can only believe in him when we are together. Prophet Muhamad S.A.W preached that he is a messenger of Allah and that if you want to go to heaven you should pray, and that is why we have the jumah prayer in order to pray together” 

She added that it is when people work together, development will take place, which is why the people need the SLPP than the APC which she disclosed that their Slogan ‘Orwai Orsai’ means fire.

Madam Bio gives detailed description of the APC Slogan and other reasons why SLPP is better in the Video below: