Sierra Leone’s First Lady Fatima Bio on Wednesday 14th February 2024 conveyed a critical meeting at her Goderich offices in Freetown, uniting key stakeholders to rally behind the proposed Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2024.

According to understanding from the meeting, the proposed act aims to abolish child marriage, shield victims, and cultivate a safer environment for young girls across Sierra Leone.

During her statement, the dedicated First Lady Fatima Bio passionately advocated for the Act, underscoring its potential to revolutionize the lives of countless girls and forge a brighter future for the nation. Her impassioned plea resonated deeply with attendees, including representatives from Save the Children, UNFPA, and UN Women, who pledged resolute support for its enactment.

While delivering his statement during the meeting, Patrick Analo, Save the Children’s Country Director emphasized the urgency of the matter, stating that, the enacting of this bill will not only shield girls from harmful practices but also thwart a legalized form of rape. Sustaining girls’ education is pivotal for their growth and the future of Sierra Leone.

The UNFPA’s Country Representative, Nadia Rasheed, emphasized the sentiments of the First Lady, asserting that Child marriage inflicts dire consequences on girls’ health, education, and overall well-being. She applauded the First Lady’s leadership and promised to firmly stand behind the enactment of this imperative legislation.

The support of Sierra Leone Parliament was evident through the presence of Hon. Catherine Z. Tarawally and Hon. A. S. Marray Conteh, representing both sides of the aisle with full cooperation. Their presence underscores the growing consensus surrounding the Act, marking a significant stride towards its successful implementation.