Dr Fatima Bio has received a warm welcome in Banjul, the capital City of Gambia . The first Lady is in the Gambia to attend the fourth edition of the Fatu Network’s prestigious annual Heroes Award.

The Awards Committee of The Fatu Network Heroes Awards has finalized the categories for the top-line awards as well as the criteria. This year, the awards have been restructured to reflect the evolving landscape of heroism and achievement in The Gambia.

The awards event is scheduled for May 25, 2024, and is expected to attract dignitaries from The Gambia and the subregion.

Awards Committee and Process:

The awards committee, consisting of distinguished individuals chosen by The Fatu Network, is tasked with ensuring fairness and unbiased judgment in recognizing exemplary Gambians. They work independently to review nominations and select finalists for each category.

This prestigious gathering will brings together a diverse audience, honoring remarkable individuals whose contributions enhance society. Her Excellency’s participation will highlights the importance of collaboration and cross-border recognition in fostering progress and unity.

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